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Mississippi Precast Concrete Fence Walls for Mississippi fence walls by Permacast from Sarasota, Florida

Mississippi Precast Concrete Fence Walls for Mississippi fence walls by Permacast from Sarasota, Florida


Mississippi is a U.S. state located in the Southern United States.   Jackson is the state capital and largest city.  The name of the state derives from the Mississippi River, which flows along its western boundary.  The state is heavily forested outside of the Mississippi Delta area, which had been cleared for cotton cultivation in the 19th century.  Today its catfish aquaculture farms produce the majority of farm-raised catfish consumed in the United States.

Mississippi is bordered on the north by Tennessee, on the east by Alabama, on the south by Louisiana and a narrow coast on the Gulf of Mexico and on the west, across the Mississippi River, by Louisiana and Arkansas.

The state of Mississippi is entirely composed of lowlands, the highest point being Woodall Mountain, in the foothills of the Cumberland Mountains, 806 feet above sea level.  The lowest point in Mississippi is sea level at the Gulf coast.  The mean elevation of Mississippi is 300 feet above sea level.

Most of Mississippi is part of the East Gulf Coastal Plain.  The Coastal Plain is generally composed of low hills, such as the Pine Hills in the south and the North Central Hills.  The Pontotoc Ridge and the Fall Line Hills in northeast Mississippi have somewhat higher elevations. Yellow-brown loess soil is found in the western parts of Mississippi.  The northeast is a region of fertile black earth that extends into the Alabama Black Belt.

The coastline of Mississippi includes large bays at Bay St. Louis, Biloxi and Pascagoula.  It is separated from the Gulf of Mexico proper by the shallow Mississippi Sound, which is partially sheltered by Petit Bois Island, Horn Island, East and West Ship Islands, Deer Island, Round Island and Cat Island.

The northwest remainder of Mississippi consists of the Mississippi Delta, a section of the Mississippi Alluvial Plain.  The plain is narrow in the south and widens north of Vicksburg.  The region has rich soil, partly made up of silt which had been regularly deposited by the floodwaters of the Mississippi River.

Mississippi has a high demand for the Permacast precast concrete fence wall.  The Permacast concrete fence wall is extremely durable and long lasting and is perfect for the environment of Mississippi.  Our concrete fence wall is made with 5,000 psi super strong concrete and is structural fiber and rebar reinforced.  The minimum wind load that the Permacast concrete fence wall is designed for is 130 mph.

The Permacast precast concrete fence wall is perfect for HOAs or Home Owners Associations, developments, gated communities, commercial, and residential applications.  These precast concrete fence walls are extremely durable and very attractive as well.  When designing the Permacast precast concrete fence wall, careful consideration was taken to form a balance between strength, durability, and aesthetics to make sure the Permacast precast concrete fence wall stayed affordable.  The way to keep our concrete fence walls affordable is efficiency from manufacturing to installation.

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About precastconcretefencewalls

Founded in 2006, Permacast delivers the best looking, most efficient, most cost effective and well rounded precast concrete fence wall on the market to Developers, Contractors, Builders, Gated communities, HOA's or Home Owner Associations, Architects, Engineers, Public Works, and Utility Companies. Our aim was to create a concrete fence wall that is superior in simplicity and cost effectiveness to install yet extremely attractive, durable, and long lasting. We take pride in every component we produce for our concrete fence walls. Permacast concrete fence walls are produced in a controlled environment with only the finest materials. All of our concrete is made by commercial concrete companies with a minimum strength design of 5,000 psi. Every piece of concrete produced has a matrix of super strong reinforcement grade fiber that helps make any Permacast product tougher and longer lasting. If you are looking for an affordable product with the highest quality, contact us today and we would love to talk to you about your project.

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