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Vinyl and Wood Fencing is not as durable as Precast Concrete Fence Walls in Alabama by Permacast from Sarasota, Florida

Vinyl and Wood Fencing is not as durable as Precast Concrete Fence Walls in Alabama by Permacast from Sarasota, Florida


There are many types of fence that people like to use whether it’s for commercial use or residential use.  Wood fence is one type of fence that is used a lot.  Wood fence can come in all kinds of qualities, styles, and types of wood.  The quality of wood fence usually starts with the type of wood and then the thickness of each board.  Some of the cheaper types of wood fence are much thinner and deteriorate quicker while some of the more expensive types of wood fence are thicker and built with more quality in mind.  No matter what type of wood fence is used the fact is that wood fence does not last very long, is not very durable, requires a lot of maintenance, and is very susceptible to high wind.

Another type of fence is vinyl fence.  Vinyl fence is a very popular fence material because it is viewed as no maintenance and long lasting.  The fact is that vinyl is just another type of plastic.  Vinyl fence can make an establishment look very cold and cheap.  Vinyl fence is not durable and is also extremely susceptible to wind.  Vinyl fence is normally sold with extremely long warrantees but the fact is that no one ever makes a claim on those warrantees and if they try to there is always a catch.  Vinyl fence companies claim that there is UV protection in the vinyl fence.  The sun produces UV rays that eat absolutely everything eventually except concrete.  Vinyl fence UV inhibitors might slow the process but that vinyl fence is breaking down, becoming brittle and chalky the minute it is exposed to sunlight and if there are any high winds in the forecast, that vinyl fence is likely to just blow over.

The best material to build a fence out of is concrete, not vinyl or wood.  Concrete is extremely strong, durable, and long lasting.  Permacast concrete fence specializes in concrete fence and concrete fence only.  We believe in quality while also making a concrete fence affordable so that the customer understands that there is no other product on the market that provides that much “Bang for Your Buck”.

Please contact Permacast concrete fence today and get started learning why concrete makes a much better fence than wood or vinyl.


About precastconcretefencewalls

Founded in 2006, Permacast delivers the best looking, most efficient, most cost effective and well rounded precast concrete fence wall on the market to Developers, Contractors, Builders, Gated communities, HOA's or Home Owner Associations, Architects, Engineers, Public Works, and Utility Companies. Our aim was to create a concrete fence wall that is superior in simplicity and cost effectiveness to install yet extremely attractive, durable, and long lasting. We take pride in every component we produce for our concrete fence walls. Permacast concrete fence walls are produced in a controlled environment with only the finest materials. All of our concrete is made by commercial concrete companies with a minimum strength design of 5,000 psi. Every piece of concrete produced has a matrix of super strong reinforcement grade fiber that helps make any Permacast product tougher and longer lasting. If you are looking for an affordable product with the highest quality, contact us today and we would love to talk to you about your project.

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