Permacast Precast Concrete Fence Walls
Cost Effective – Durable – Easy to Install
Call Permacast today at (941) 234-8879

Precast Concrete Fences are Masonry Screen Walls
for Louisiana and Mississippi

Call Permacast today at (941) 234-8879

Permacast precast concrete fence walls are available all over the United States to fence companies, builders, developers, HOA’s or Home Owners Association, and contractors that are looking for the most affordable solution for this type of concrete fence or concrete wall on a larger scale project. Our precast concrete fence walls are designed for efficient shipping directly to your job site where ever you might be in the United States. We are almost always the most affordable, most durable, and best looking concrete fence available on the market because of our techniques through-out the entire process from manufacturing to installing. Precast concrete fencing or masonry screen walls are also available for Louisiana and Mississippi.


About precastconcretefencewalls

Founded in 2006, Permacast delivers the best looking, most efficient, most cost effective and well rounded precast concrete fence wall on the market to Developers, Contractors, Builders, Gated communities, HOA's or Home Owner Associations, Architects, Engineers, Public Works, and Utility Companies. Our aim was to create a concrete fence wall that is superior in simplicity and cost effectiveness to install yet extremely attractive, durable, and long lasting. We take pride in every component we produce for our concrete fence walls. Permacast concrete fence walls are produced in a controlled environment with only the finest materials. All of our concrete is made by commercial concrete companies with a minimum strength design of 5,000 psi. Every piece of concrete produced has a matrix of super strong reinforcement grade fiber that helps make any Permacast product tougher and longer lasting. If you are looking for an affordable product with the highest quality, contact us today and we would love to talk to you about your project.

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